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Ko Phai

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Ko Phai (เกาะไผ่) is the largest island in Mu Ko Phai (หมู่เกาะไผ่), a small uninhabited archipelago on the eastern seaboard of Thailand. It is about 21 km to the west of Pattaya.
“Ko Phai” is the name of the island in the Royal Thai General System of Transcription. It is also known as “Koh Pai”. It is also mentioned as “Bamboo Island”, the meaning of its name in Thai, in tourist guides.

Ko Phai is almost four kilometres in length and its maximum width is about one and a half kilometres. It is a craggy wooded island and a great part of its coast is formed by rocky cliffs. The whole island is high, but its highest point is only 150 m and there is not a single peak dominating the others. There is a lighthouse on the summit of the island.
This island is at the southeastern end of the Bay of Bangkok, on the east side of the Gulf of Siam. Administratively Ko Phai belongs to the Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province.
The closest land to the Ko Phai group is Ko Lan, about 14 km to the east of Ko Phai’s eastern shore. These islands can be reached in about two hours by boat from south Pattaya harbor. All these islands are a protected natural area under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. Visitors must bring their own food and water. No overnight stays are permitted on Ko Phai.


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